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6 Ways You Are Wasting Money That You Don’t Realise

While there are tons of known ways people commonly do to waste money, such as dining out too frequently and taking expensive trips, there are more ways you are wasting your hard-earned cash that you are not aware of. These stuffs are actually pretty simple that we often neglect them. Here they are.
1. Shopping When You’re Hungry
Deciding to fulfil your shopping and grocery list when you have even just the slightest hint of hunger can force you to grab some meal (and even dessert) outside. Not only that, but doing the groceries while you’re hungry can lead you to grab every food item that you pass by along the aisles.
2. Not Letting the Sale Stuff Pass
We all feel that great and proud whenever we secure an item which is for sale. While every cent is worth saving, it would not be reasonable to buy something that you do not need simply because you saw that it is heavily discounted, especially when buying the said item means going beyond your budget.
What you should do rather is to wait for the items that you already use to go on sale, and buy in bulk.
3. Letting Your Food Spoil
Nothing breaks my heart more than to see food going to waste. While it’s a common occurrence in many households, it can easily be prevented by being aware of how much your family consumes in a given period. Plan out your meals for a week, list all ingredients, and buy only what you need. Making a list also avoids frequent grocery trips that would likewise save you money.

4. Paying Too Much for Mobile Data
This is very common, but often overlooked. If you think about it, many of us already have WIFI’s in our homes and offices, and even the public spots that we visit, so check if you really need that much data during those hours away from a WIFI connection. Many users do not even consume 300MB of data monthly and yet are continuously paying for an expensive plan. Review your data usage and your mobile subscription (if any) altogether and see if you can cut back.
5. Not Negotiating Your Salary
This is probably one of the hugest mistakes you can make in terms of saving money. If you aren’t compensated enough, have you thought about how much money you’re wasting in a year? What if you’ve been working for the same employer for a decade? While many entry-level rates are non-negotiable, you significantly improve your chances as you move up the ladder. You might not know it, but you might actually be eligible for an increase if you would only ask. Assess your skills, and even strive to learn new ones so you’ll be more confident to demand for a rightful compensation.


Yeah, been there, done that. I could still remember those days when I was rushing to buy my 5th builder hut in Clash of Clans. I lost my patience, and my sense with it, and with a few clicks. I did it. I wasted my money. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a one-time incident. This is really shameful as I grew tired of the game eventually. Should you pay cash for an app, make sure to spend it on useful things that could increase your productivity, help with your business, and improve your life in general.
6. Skimping on Your Health
If you’re trying to save money by missing out on your doctor or dental appointments, please don’t. Any unresolved problems you may be having right now can prove to be a dangerous and costly undertaking in the future. If you want to protect your finances, you should keep your health in check. Have a regular check-up and be sure to follow your prescriptions.